Could robots have SEX? Experts believe machines could reproduce with each other – and even humans – within 30 years

Artificial intelligence engineer George Zarkadakis thinks robots could have sex to produce superior offspring.
It is thought that robots could ‘print out’ their offspring

Mr Zarkadakis suggests that they could breed with humans to create new hybrid species – but scientists warn there are ethical implications.

Cybernetics expert told MailOnline mating robots could be produced using current technologies but it will take 20-30 years before they could be used.

Humans have long been obsessed with the idea of machines being able to self-replicate and a number of experts believe they will play an important part in shaping how Earth is in the future.

One artificial intelligence engineer believes that robots could have sex with each other to evolve and produce superior offspring and this scary new world could be closer than we might imagine.

Another cybernetics expert told MailOnline that mating robots could exist in just 20 to 30 years while another robotics authority suggested that machines could print off their offspring, a little like how a 3D printer works today.

Door: Griffiths
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