Follow Switzerland and vote No to EU migration, billionaire Christoph Blocher urges Britain

As the owner of a spectacular cliff-top castle, billionaire Christoph Blocher knows all about how previous generations of Swiss deterred unwanted visitors.

Yet six centuries on from the building of Schloss Rhäzüns, the towering mediaeval home where he lives in eastern Switzerland, his tactics for fending off foreign invaders have evolved somewhat.

Fed up with an “unacceptable” level of migration from the rest of Europe, Mr Blocher personally bankrolled last week’s referendum campaign in which the Swiss voted to end their freedom of labour arrangements with the European Union. Put forward by the hard-Right Swiss People’s Party, for whom he is both chief treasurer and ideologue, the vote has paved the way for tough new quotas on foreign workers.

In the process, it has sent shock waves across Europe, with Mr Blocher hailed as a hero by British Euro-sceptics, and as a xenophobe by the European Union’s high command. Indeed, judging by the anger in Brussels, where freedom of movement is seen as a core EU principle, the best place for him right now might be the dungeon in the east wing of his castle.

Door: Colin Freeman
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